K.G. is now on shopify.

Hello everyone I hope you are having a nice holiday. Christmas its approaching and I really can't wait for the new year to come. I’m moving all of my goods here at shopify. So please be patient with me With this process. I’ll be adding all my popular ones and new designs slowly. Shopify it’s very new to me. And I’m trying my hardest to figure everything out. Also, this decision was battling in my head for months if I should make a Shopify shop. But, I decided to do it  and hopefully this will help you cuties have a better shopping. I think I’m making right decision to give my shop a new makeover.  I will still  have my etsy shop open. But i won’t update too often. Slowly I will be migrating in to Shopify. Or I might keep both if my Shopify shop gets more traffic.  I really love  how professional it makes my shop look.  In the meantime, you can join my mailing list or subscribe to the newsletter. I’m also providing a new sale code for this special day for my shop, and also celebrate the New Years with a bang!!  I hope you cuties love the new look.   Please enjoy the new features. Have a wonderful day. Love you all!